Testimonial from some of our patients

  • The Eye Foundation Group of Hospitals in my humble opinion (based on my personal experience at the Ijebu Mushin branch and short stint at the Isaac John head office on a short cataract surgery training course) is set up to provide STATE OF THE ART WORLD-CLASS eye care to the Nigerian population. 
    Excellent equipment and personnel comparable to what you will get abroad.
    ( and trust me on that coz I have attended clinics in few UK Eye Hospitals and work in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago).

    --From our Facebook page.

    - Sobukunola Oluwaseun
  • The organisation is OK, the doctors and nurses have courtesy. Clean environment.

    - Iduozee Osatohanwen
  • The hospital is organised into sections and the staff are professional and courteous. The doctors are knowledgeable, comforting and experienced. I feel secure and confident when with the consultant and the hospital is always neat. 

    - Mr Abubakar Ibrahim
  • Thank you Eye Foundation Hospital group for helping me regain my sight. Never could have imagined I would see again after I developed a severe Cataract for about 5 years. Both my eyes was affected and I was dying from loss of sight. I told my son and my wife, I was going to kill myself.....

    So much said and done. Dr. Mildreds' word of encouragement and surgical intervention saved my life, my sight and the full joy of life.

    This is a miracle!

    - Mr. Alamieseigha
  • The Eye Foundation Hospital is the saviour's hospital. I wonder if we didn't have you in Nigeria. The doctors, nurses and staff, I doff my cap. 

    - Nzekwesi John